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Thank you for being here on time!

So you have come in time for our appointment. That's very nice. I have written this page, because I am searching the truth about God, Love, the Universe, this world, myself, etc. And you have come here, most likely because you are searching, too. Maybe you don't know this consciously, but why else would you have come here?

I am not very far on my search, but never mind how far a journey will be, it always starts with one first step. That's what I want to do here.

Sometimes it is best to think quiet and alone, but on the other hand, without communicating your knowledge, you won't reach the destination. So please, read through my pages, and let me know about what you think about what is written here.

This is what I've started so far.

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The "one of the favorites" quote:

But don't be alarmed. It all happens on faraway Discworld, where greed and ignorance influence politicians
and perfectly normal people occasionally act like raving idiots.
A world, in short, totally unlike our own.

- Backcover of "Jingo" by Terry Pratchett, HarperPrism paperback

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