Space Ship Earth

Maybe you feel that seeing earth as a sentient being is truely too fantastic, then lets try to see earth from another perspective.

Assume we want to go on a journey, to a very distant star. So we go to the next spaceshipyard and start planning what we'll need. Luckily we find someone who knows about long travels and helps us to decide what we'll need:

Requirements for our spacegoing vessel

Now this will be a very long journey, so it is impossible to staff all the oxygen, food and water for the whole time right at the beginning, so we'll need:

As we have come to this point, he suddenly turns around, gets some paper from a desk behind him and faces us with a very bright smile: "You won't believe it, but I have just such a spaceship in hand". Then he presents us the ...

Space Ship Earth Fact Sheet:

And that's where we are now.
Fine, no problems, we still have our garanty, don't be afraid.

But there is one little problem, the systems aren't operated normally at this time. We are right now destroying the recycling mechanisms for air and water, by destroying forests. At the same time we put poisons into the system.

But we are dependent on the system, there is no harbour near, where we can dock, and let the technicians repair all that's wrong. Or step to the little shop at the next street corner: "Hi, I need some billion gallons of fresh air, ...". If the system is destroyed some day, we will die to, like all other species. We are dependent on each other.

Do you want to think about Gaia now?

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