To Be One

Have you ever read the book "One" by "Richard Bach"? The main idea there is, that we are all one.

And this is the feeling, that I want to express on these pages:


We all share the same energy of life, which some call God, some call Tao, some give it other names, and some just deny it's existence.

But we not only share it, we ARE it, we are part of this energy, and the energy is part of us. Not only of humans, but of all living things on this earth.

And it is not limited to living things, but also includes those things that we believe do not live.

Well it is not even restricted to this planet.

This is not easy to believe. And there are some drawbacks, suddenly you are responsible for all other beings, because they are your-self. But imagine a world, in which all live with this thought in mind...

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