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Sadly todays means of information: TV, Newspaper, are really business-machines, they only give you information that pays. So you will not know about most of the really important things.


The internet could be a means to get real information. There are so many people on the net, who don't write for money. So the net could be repositry of information that is not driven by economics.

Problems arising are "Information Viruses" and the related problem of the trust of information.

FIXME: (where do Software Patents belong to?)
Software Patents are a problem, because Patents have initially been introduced to save personal rights on ideas that convert to things that have to be manufactured. Mostly using very complicated processes

Software on the other hand is pure information, that could be used, created, changed by everyone. Adding patents to peaces of software would be like adding Patents to thoughts, how about this one:

Today I have got the patent on the believe that God is Love.

Whoever wants to share this belive please pay $100 to me.

Doesn't sound very sensible, does it?

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